improve patient care

The right information, to the right clinicians, at the right time.

Quris ensures clinicians have instant access to your latest hospital guidelines, protocols, handbooks and much more, through mobile, web and EHR platforms.

Right information

Know that your clinicians are accessing the most current hospital guidelines, protocols, handbooks and other clinical resources.

Right clinicians

Create groups of relevant guidelines, calculators, care pathways and more, so that clinicians see only what is useful to them.

Right time

Ensure access to these resources can be done at any time, from any device, both online and offline. On the go and at the bedside!

Designed by clinicians for clinicians

Quris allows organizations to manage and distruibute useful resources and tools to doctors, nurses and support staff. Resources can include almost anything...

  • Handbooks
  • Guidelines
  • Protocols
  • Algorithms
  • Contact lists
  • Clinical decision aids
  • Dosage calculators
  • Care pathways
  • Procedures/Policies
  • Pre/Post Checklists

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Quris delivers all your clinical handbooks (departmental, staff groups, junior doctors, etc) linked and integarted to your clinical guidelines.


Quris allows your antimicrobial stewardship guidance to be integrated with formulary and dosage calcultors, all FDA and MHRA compliant.


Clinical guidelines, protocols and algorithms are easily organized and searched - linked to other guidance with alerts for updates and review.


Alerts and notifications can be sent to promote communication and adherence to changes in guidance, prescribing or clinical practice.

Decision support

Interactive decision aids can be used to support shared decision making as well as delivering engaging clinician and patient information resources.


Formularies, drug alerts and medicines guidance delivered through Quris can be integrated directly into your clinical guidelines and handbooks.


Medical calculators and scoring tools can be integrated within your guidelines and protocols to improve compliance and patient safety.

Quality measures

Hospital quality measures can be communicated within Quris to ...NEIL ???

  • The Polypharmacy guidance medical app is a great tool for providers caring for geriatric patients or any patient on “too many” medicines. The polypharmacy app is ideal for patient care teams involving a geriatrician and/or pharmacist who can sit down for an extended session with the patient and their family for a comprehensive medication review.

  • Antimicrobial Companion is a fantastic free medical app for NHS Scotland providers that truly promotes antibiotic stewardship. The medical app includes helpful dosage calculators for inpatient providers, antibiotic guidelines for primary care and is customizable to match local antibiotic resistance patterns.

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